A Rare IWC Pilot With Patina NOS Condition

3 months ago
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Miami Fl

Please reply BY EMAIL DON'T reply under the POST!
First a Friendly Reminder .. My price Is my best price... If some one is really interested (won't backup his word, and you want to pay less then what I'm asking please feel free to make me an offer, normally I price watches at a nice price so please take in mind some one might take it for the asking price and you might loose a nice watch or part, Because I have many email please understand I might or might not have the watch or part available, but when you send me an email please be ready to accept or make an offer, I got many emails saying I take it if available when I send the invoice they counter offer me, so please before taking a part send the offer.
Please read the post I specify many things , and also If you need extra pics specify witch angle you need. This way we both save time.. Thanks IN ADVANCE
For references please email me and I will let you know my references or For references please go to watchnet.com and search Salvador Hidalgo, William Hidalgo , William Salvador Hidalgo or Hidalgo in the good guys forum Subject Only option or entire message (the search engine is not working properly i might add) , you will see many feedback of past transaction I have done , for some reason the search engine its not showing all of them.
Not Many times we have the chance to find a piece of History of IWC like this ! The Condition is Unpolished , barely used , kept on a safe for the past 15+ Years.
The Factory Sticker to protect the band is still on and the most amazing thing is how the dial has aged to perfection with no flaws and a perfect orange patina
WE HAVE NOT SERVICED THE watch , i would recommend a full service . I do offer a full service with a 2 year warranty for 325 usd with a 2 yr warranty if needed .
Please Take a Look At the 18k IWC buckle how perfect it is .
The Watch is on a
generic calf strap.
Price is 5200 usd
                                          "And you run and you run to catch up with the sun, but its sinking
And racing around to come up behind you again
The sun is the same in the relative way, but youre older
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