OT: AP Royal Oak with Moonphase Compliation

3 months ago
Available on

Primarily looking for the partially skeletonized JLC DuoMetre in WG (obviously I would add cash) or also open to something like a NOMOS World Timer + cash. Pretty flexible. Cash wise, looking for $14,000 USD net to me.
Reference number is 25572STOO0789ST.
The moon phase complication is quite rare for an AP and this particular watch also has a dial made by the stern family of Patek fame. Watch only. I purchased this watch used from Watchbox/Govberg Jewelers a few months ago. Does not come with a box or papers. Happy to verify however you want me to. I believe the WatchBox one year warranty is still valid but have to double check.
I go back and forth between Salt Lake City and Vancouver a lot so the watch is usually with me in one of those two cities. Also travel to New York + San Francisco and LA a lot. Also 100% comfortable shipping in the US or Canada if paying via bankwire. I own 10+ eCommerce companies so rest assured I know how to ship. :)
Also, since acquiring the watch, I have managed to put a few swirls on it. Nothing crazy. Will grab more shots soon.