Russian Naval Raketa Submarine watch "20 year Magnitogorsk Kosmolets"

7 hours ago
FS Russian Naval Raketa Submarine watch "20 year Magnitogorsk Kosmolets"
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North Pole, Alaska

Today I have my Raketa 20 year commemorative Magnitogorsk Kosmolets submarine watch, of the Red Banner Northern Fleet.
This isn't a cheap watch. The movement has 2 anti-shock settings:the top and bottom of the balance AND of the escape wheel. This is the higher end, better made of Russian watch movements..This is a rare 12 hour Raketa with 4-hour-shift-bezel, rotated by the 4 o'clock crown. It's probably from the 80's because the original (rusty) movement was marked "SU" (Soviet Union)The rotating bezel works great after cleaning. 40mm across42mm lug-to-lug12mm thick18mm lug width.This is sporting a really nice leather Spidel strap. The case has a few plating issues as shown in the pics.I polished up the original crystal, but it still has a few scrapes around the edges.I got it with a rusted 2609.HA, then got a donor movement and made a seriously accurate watch out of it.
After a complete service and rebuild I have been timing it on my desk for the last 3 days.
It's given me an average of +2.4 sec per day. (high of +8.6 and a low of -5.3)DAMN! That is running really well. these are High Accuracy movements!The thread of what I did is here: (The link has a little more to find out what is on the dial and what it all means.) this is a great little watch with a unique, probably very limited dial and movement configuration.Oh yeah and it runs near COSC parameters! How does $80 sound??