Strap sale continued with reduced prices

over 1 year ago
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Straps for sale at reduced prices. Further reductions if you purchase more than one and should you want all of them, the price is $450.
All descriptions are from top to bottom
Unknown maker Mauser ammo in 24/24, 138/85 with "Ray" signed screw in buckle. EXC-NM at $90, now $70
Da Luca Swiss ammo in 25/25 (assume it was 26 but squeezed onto a 24), 150/94 with signed curved polished sewn-in buckle. Came to me without the keeper, so I made a single wide one for it. EXC at $65, now $50
Da Luca ammo in 26/26, 168/103 with signed curved brushed sewn-in buckle. Came to me with one loose keeper so I made a second which is nice and snug. EXC at $65, now $50
Wotancraft Gr Gamma 1945 in 26/26, 140/80 with flat brushed GPF buckle. Crazy soft leather. SOLD
Wotancraft Gr Gamma 1945 in 24/24, 137/80
with flat brushed GPF buckle. Unworn at $125, now $105
Delaurian in 26/26, 128/85 with sewn-in polished flat buckle. EXC-NM at $105, now $90
Micah in 26/26, 135/87 with sewn-in brushed flat buckle. Mint at $110, now $95
Micah in 26/22, 133/85 without buckle. EXC-NM at $75, now $60
Simona hand-stitched "tri-fold" in 26/26, 145/85 with signed brushed curved sewn-in buckle. SOLD
Unknown maker lizard in 24/24, 125/85 with curved brushed screw-in buckle. EXC-NM at $85, now $70
GSD Gustav Ammo in 24/24, 145/88 with signed curved brushed screw-in buckle. NM+ at $125, now $105
Prices include priority shipping to a US address with payment via PayPal. International will be extra depending on carrier and method. Please email me at if interested. Thanks/Keith (in AZ)

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