New ABP-Combat-Orloff & More

almost 4 years ago
FS: New ABP-Combat-Orloff & More
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For Sale are the below straps:
[1] ABP...New & Unmounted Chocolate Brown Large Square Scale Gator for Tang Buckle. 25/22 x 120/80 [bought this for my Pam098 then got rid of the watch. That was a mistake] Works on l 42mm Rads but would easily fit any 44mm Luminor. $225.00 delivered to CONUS buyers.
[2] Orloff...New & Unmounted Black Nubuck with Titanium Stitch for Tang Buckle. 24/22 x 120/75. $100.00 delivered CONUS buyers.
[3] Combat Straps...New & Unmounted Brown Ostrich for Deployment Buckle. 24/22 x 120/75 with minimal stitch. $125.00 delivered to CONUS buyers.
[4] Kain...New & Unmounted Ostrich Leg with Sewn In Buckle. 24/24 x 120/80. $100 delivered to CONUS customers.
[5] No Name...New & Unmounted Brown Buffalo for Tang Buckle. 22/22 x 117/77. $50 delivered to CONUS buyers.
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