/OT - Victorinox Chrono Classic XLS, Seiko Golden Solar Tuna SNE498, Deep Blue master 1k, Precista

7 months ago
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Perry, GA or the middle of nowhere

Hello, I've got a collection here and I've been thinking about selling/trading for the one or two watches that are grails of mine and cut back on the amount of watches I have.
1. Victorinox chrono classic xls, black dial and polished numerals, s/s and black bezel on leather. In about 97% condition overall. Has box/manual/unsigned warranty card.
Sell - $125, trade - $150.
2. Seiko Golden Solar Tuna, SNE498, in about 98% condition. Has boxes, manual, and extra black and gold nato strap.
Sell - $250, trade - $275-ish. (Pics to come tonight).
3. Deep Blue, Master 1k, red dial black bezel, on silicone. In about 92% condition due to light hairlines/normal weat. Has box, manual.
Sell - $175, trade $200-ish.
4. Precista PRS 18q, full kit, I don't even remember how many straps come with it. In about 95% condition.
Sell - $200, trade $250-ish.
Pics of the later 3 coming tonight.
Sell the group for $700.
Trade value for the group $850-900.
Just shoot me some offers, can do 1-1 or 4-1. Or any combination thereof.
Email is [email protected]
Thank you and God Bless,
Jason Maddox