Rare Prometheus Jellyfish Yellow Dial $205.00 USD

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Long Island, New York

FS: Rare Prometheus Jellyfish Yellow Dial $205.00 USD
Many of you have bought a watch from me, and know that my watches are generally nicer than advertised. % This one is just not getting the wrist time. Im not the original owner of this watch. It will come as you see it with bracelet and all links I received with it.
It runs well and fits nicely around my almost 8 inch wrist, and one spare link in reserve.
This watch is rated at about 85 due to the following issues:
This watch has an initial issue with the winding stem that has no apparent effect on its running.
When you start to set the watch, there is a grinding sound and the there is an initial slipping of the hands, but then it sets just fine. It also occurs when setting the date.
It was this way when I bought from who I believe was the original owner. It was a while ago, and my memory fails me.
It is, however, still a chance to get a very limited edition dial color and watch. If you are going to wear it regularly, the winding issue is not an issue. If you are the WIS who opens and tweaks his or her watches, youll have a gem. The Jellyfish has a Seiko movement.
Ive priced this watch accordingly due to the issue.
Ive undergone some health issues that have limited my ability to take my usual pictures, so Im apologizing up front for the errant speck of dust here and there. Pictures were taken 12/27/18. The watch is boxed and ready to ship.
ANY questions: mrboots@optonline.net This is my Paypal address.
REQUEST: Please contact me initially via e-mails. I post every watch on numerous sales forums. It is hard to check every forum on a regular basis. I respond to e-mails more quickly as they all come to one place, and they are time-dated so that I can respond to them in the order that they are received. This cuts down on conflict over who got there first. Please provide me with your forum name so that we can PM each other prior to finalizing the sale to verify each others ID. I have many references if needed. Feel free to inquire if you have any questions: mrboots@optonline.net This is also my Paypal address.
$ 205 USD shipped CONUSA Paypal- No Fee I'm located in New York out on Long Island. Remember, unlike many other sellers, my price covers Paypal and Postage.
Low Offer Policy:
I write down every offer in descending order, and will contact you if the offering price gets within a few dollars of your offer. Meanwhile, it will be sold to the first person who, at the price of the day, says "I'll take it. Wrap it up.
I ship USPS Priority Confirmed. I will ship to the UK for $35 USD additional, to Australia or Asia for $40 USD additional via USPS Registered Airmail. Please dont ask if I will participate in any offbeat payment schemes. NO TRADES AT This TIME PLEASE. Paypal please for all sales!!
ANY questions: mrboots@optonline.net This is my also Paypal address.
                                          Mike Boyle
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