Seiko 4S15 (Cousin's to SCVF Red Alpinists) Cream/Green dials

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After a 30-year hiatus, the Alpinist was revived in 1995. This incarnation is the Alpinist 4S15-6000 or what is popularly known as the Red Alpinist because of the colour of the wording on the dial.. Despite being a sought after watch, it remained in production for only 2 years.This particular generation is powered by a chronometer-grade Cal. 4S15, an integrating auto-winding movement, hackable and with a manual winding mechanism. The 4S15 calibre is a redesignated 52 calibre, the 5246 previously used in the 1971 King Seiko chronometer produced in the Daini Seikosha factory.
It was redesignated in 1992 when a renaissance in mechanical watches commenced. The 4S15-6000 has a 38mm stainless steel case with a bulky case protector which adds a reasonably hefty look to the watch. Seiko brought a contemporary look to the new Alpinist, leaving the vintage face behind.
4S15 Sports 200 version, from 1996. This version is identical bar the word 'Alpinist' on the dial and has a Seiko Tsunami case back.
It was produced for South East Asian markets in the mid 1990's and is rarer than the Alpinist version.
(1) Sports 200 in Green dial
- With inner box and outer box
- Service history is uknown but runs decent timekeeping and winds and sets the time/data
- There are marks of slight polishing in the case, and much more in the caseback (Serial: 65XXXX)
- Comes with the correct bracelet and can fit 6.5' wrists, but sadly no extra links
- The watch is in excellent condition and a beauty to see upfront
(2) Sports 200 in cream dial
- Comes with the watch only, incorrect seiko bracelet (but matches with the Seiko engraving)
- Watch has been serviced last year, case has been lightly polished, glass has been lightly polished, cyclops is aftermaket
- The watch is in excellent condition and a beauty to see in person