Seiko 7A38-7289, gold, day/date chronograph, integrated bracelet, new crystal

11 days ago
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North Pole, Alaska

Today I have a very rare, Seiko 7A38-7289, with integrated bracelet.
If you don't know this is one of the most robust and over-designed quartz movements ever made.
It's fully rebuildable, and has 15 jewels, and is all metal. (See the pic for proof.)
I put a brand new crystal in it, so the gorgeous gold dial is clear and crisp.
38 mm across
42 mm lug-to-lug
8 mm thick
The integrated bracelet is a very stylish and still modern looking this many years on! The strap is full length so it'll fit up to an 8
inch wrist.
Yes the case shows come wear spots with a bit of plating peeling off.
The bracelet too, is not pristine. This watch has been worn.
Overall this is a very nice watch. Nicer than other used examples I can find. None has a new crystal.
This is the rare day-date chronograph in gold with integrated bracelet.
Like the great movement it is it's dead-bones-accurate after 3 days on my desk. (with a brand new battery)
The chronograph functions work perfectly.
(If you have not seen it... The 1/10 sec counter at the right spins wildly, once-per-second, for the first 10 min, then stops to save batteries. It's really fun to watch.)
It's a good deal on a rare & hard to find watch.
Shipped with USPS First Class Package, to the USA
I think this is a fair price. It's a great mechanical watch.
I have sold a number of pieces here on WUS and on eBay.
Search my name here, and "baroosk" on there.