Vintage 1968 Seiko Sea Lion 6106-8060, new crystal

about 1 month ago
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North Pole, Alaska

Hell all!
Today I have a Seiko Sea Lion 6106-8060 from August 1968. It is part of the Seiko DX series form the Suwa plant.
Suwa movements were a bit higher end and, unlike many 6106's it hacks! The second hand stops when setting and it can be set to the second.
It has the nice linen dial with Day and Date. The day is white, and the date is gold. The dial condition was a question, as I could barely see it thru the terribly scratched crystal. Now the gorgeous dial makes me smile looking at it.
It runs +7 sec per day, for 3 days in the watch winder.
36mm diameter
41mm lug-to-lug
12mm thick
18mm lug width
Yes there is some plating wear on the top and outside edges of the lugs, on the right and left of the case, and some dings in the case and bezel. You know, like there would be in a 50 year old watch.
The pics are large and up close; it shows every little blemish. With normal eyes this watch looks AWESOME.
There is a bit of dial lacquer starting to peel off between 3 & 5, but it is on the very last mm of the edge, and visible with magnification.
I got it a little beat up on the outside and crystal scratched beyond viewability.
So I found a replacement crystal and cleaned up the watch. (I will include the original crystal, just because...)
This is a very nice old, all original watch.
I have it on a Seiko 18mm leather strap, from the 80's. I think the pair look really good together.
How much? I see them all over the place priced on the web.
How about $150.