SKX007 hacking&handwinding by artifice horoworks

over 3 years ago
SKX007 hacking&handwinding by artifice horoworks
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This is the watch I always wish seiko had made. An SKX007 with a 6r15 movement custom installed and regulated by Alex Abreu of Artifice Horoworks. It looks stock other than the domed sapphire crystal, making it a great sleeper mod. The watch is crazy accurate, Alex is a meticulous watchmaker. I measured it within a few seconds of the atomic clock for multiple days in a row. I wore it for a few weeks before deciding that an SKX013 fits my wrist better. When this one sells, I will send in my new watch to get the same service. Also included are a MKII natural rubber strap that came with the Stingray, and a generic 22mm rubber deployant strap. There are not any scratches worth noting on the watch. Maybe a hairline here or there from 2 weeks of normal wear. The crystal is of course spotless. Asking $400 shipped in the CONUS. The cost of the watch is close to $500 with the 6r15 movement. It can be had from AH cheaper with a 4r36, but I thought the higher beat rate, accuracy and power reserve of the 6r15 was worth it. If you buy one new, expect to wait a month or so, perfection takes time. You could have this one on your wrist this weekend. No lowballers please.