Schauer Einzeiger Phantom & Stowa Marine Original Limited Edition 2

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FS: Schauer Einzeiger Phantom & Stowa Marine Original Limited Edition 2
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Here are a few very rare STOWA / Schauer offered here.
First 2 being Marine Original Limited Edition 1 & 2 so let's start with introduction to MO.
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If youre into German watches, youre likely already very familiar with Stowa. If not, heres the super abbreviated history. Stowa was founded in 1927 by Walter Storz, (Stowa being an abbreviation of his name STOrz WAlter). In the 30s they designed and released Bauhaus watches, which informed their very popular Antea line available today. In 1996 Jrg Schauer, a renowned German watch maker, took over the brand and all trademark rights. By introducing watches closely based on the brands history as well as new, modern watches.
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The style of the Marine Original is visually distinctive, but actually takes its inspiration from a very classic and traditional pocket watch. Based on the Marine Beobachtungsuhr pocket watches manufactured by Stowa for the German Navy in the 40s, the Marine line speak to Deck clocks, and a nautical aesthetic that is very appealing. One of many Marine Chronometer type watches out there, the Stowa has a style that speaks to its German heritage by way of the typefaces used, and an exacting execution.
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Case: Steel
Movement: Unitas 6498-1
Lume: No
Lens: Sapphire
Strap: Leather
Water Res.: 50M
Dimensions: 41 x 50 mm
Thickness: 12 mm
Lug Width: 22 mm
Crown: 7.5 x 4 mm
Stowa MOLEII - No.110/220
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Another Stowa is the 2nd Limited Edition in black Dial.
There are only 120 pieces available worldwide (80 in US & remaining for the rest of the world).
Powder coated silver "12" and numbering of the limited edition (individual number) on 6 o'clock dial.
Full b&p which dated 10th.Jun.'09
A short review here:, here & Another one with Unitas 6498
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Higher resolution pix here:
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For Sale @ [s]750[/s] 650 incl UK RMSD.
Schauer Einzeiger Phantom - No.21/50
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Case finish is one of the most focal emphasis of a Schauer watch. Mr. Schauer only hand-finishes the cases by himself as only himself can put the finest touches to them. The most striking feature of a Schauer watch however is the twelve screws on the predominant bezel. Schauer is no longer producing any watches under his name & even when he did, they were in very limited numbers. This, one hander is ever rarer and could be the very first one ever for sale. Durowe movement is one of the smoothest manual wind movement I've experienced and a joy to use every morning.
It's sterile type of dial with heated blue hand. The edge of the hand pointed to hour/min track precisely for more accurate time reading. The dial changes due to different ankles on the light & difficult to capture. I've taken more pix in order to represent the effect.
Full b&p which dated Jul.'06
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Year of production: 2006
Units Produced: 50
37mm case diameter, 8 mm case height
18mm lug width
Front and back sapphire crystals
5 atm water resistance
Durowe 7420 movement. Blued steel single hand. Silver dial.
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Higher resolution pix here:
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For Sale @ 1000 incl UK RMSD.
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