vintage Swatch GK-101 Technosphere (~'86)

about 2 months ago
Ted Rzad
Available on
San Francisco CA

Fully functional w/ recent battery. My 8th grade grail! Found a near NOS one so this one needs a new home. The case and crystal are intact and in good shape IMO. The case has some yellowing (typical in my experience), but it seems to only be apparent when on a white sheet of paper. On the wrist it just looks clear to me. The green partial dial and pink hand have saturated color and look great. The straps are not original but are new (clear repro) and nearly new (black, genuine Swatch). The case is not period correct but genuine Swatch as well.
It's a fun, vintage piece!
$150 PPd/shipd USPS Priority CONUS-only.
Please PM with any questions or need any additional pix, and thanks for looking!
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