Ticino Dive watch with Seiko movement and sapphire crystal

3 months ago
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For sale or trade I have a Ticino dive watch, this is a diver with 200m WR, 40mm case and 20mm lugs. It sports a sapphire crystal and a lumed ceramic bezel. It is really a nice watch actually and shaped to wear comfortably on the wrist. I bought this new a few days ago, I wore it for a couple of days to try it out and I was very happy with how it wear, the looks and the specs. I wish however that it was a little larger. Even a couple of mm would help fill my 8 1/4" wrist a bit more. I could easily keep it and wear it but after completing the project I bought it for, I feel I am done with it.
As I mentioned the watch was supposed to be new and it looks new overall but it has several light marks under the lugs. It seems that whoever installed the bracelet did not know how to do it or had the wrong tool or maybe poor eyesight and so the marks under the lugs. When I received it I simply swapped the bracelet for a Nato and wore it like that. Very nice weight, comfortable and a great lume that lasts all night. This watch has really great specs for the price.
I wanted to make a military diver and therefore installed a set of original Seiko military hands. I think they look really nice on it. The other good thing about it is that you can easily install another Seiko dial or Seiko hands, in other words this is a great watch but also a great base for a project, with these specs (sapphire, ceramic bezel, hack and hand winding movement, tons of aftermarket Seiko parts) this is a great option.
It came watch only so I don't have any box or paper, I will include the crappy bracelet in the pictures. I will pack it securely though and it will arrive safely.
Asking $175 for it inclusive of shipping or trade for something else, a Seiko Turtle maybe, SKX, Micro brand, Baltic Shield, etc. I can add a little cash if needed. If you have questions or want to make an offer go ahead and contact me, I always answer every one.
Here are a few quick point and shoot pics.