Boccia (Tutima) civilian Bund 728-01

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Boccia (Tutima) civilian Bund 728-01
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As the title suggests, this is the civvie version of the Boccia Bund watch that is/was issued to German Marines. An example of the actual military issue watch recently popped up for sale here. Mine is very similar, and comes without the collectible price tag.
These watches are compact at about 38mm, and are designed with smooth rounded edges and hooded lugs that keep them virtually snag proof. The case is titanium, and houses a Miyota analog/digital movement. The crown and pushers all have guards. It's rated to 100m, and uses a sapphire crystal. There is lume, but it sucks. The bright white on black contrast gives the watch the majority of its low light legibility.
It looks fantastic, and is without exaggeration the most comfortable watch I've ever worn, when mounted on a NATO strap. On a Bond NATO it has drawn compliments from non-watch people- much to my surprise. At the time I wore it in rotation with a Damasko, which was ignored... I have a number of NATO straps for sale as a package, but I'd be willing to make a deal on one or more of those if you're interested and the package hasn't sold.
This watch was worn extensively, and shows wear throughout the case. There is a scratch and a swirl on the crystal, likely from yard work in sandy Florida soil. Both are toward the outer edge of the crystal near the 5 and 7 markers respectively. I hate a scratched crystal as much as the next person, but the locations make them relatively unobtrusive. I did my best to capture them.
$125 with shipping and PayPal included in the CONUS. International at my discretion, and at your expense and risk. Lowball offers will be countered with marriage proposals written on behalf of my meanest goat.
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