Great vintage assortment: Vostok, Elgin, Lenox, Casio marlin etc

12 days ago
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Chicago, IL

Grab this lot all together. Nice little vintage collection. All as is due to GREAT price. I am describing this very generally as these are all vintage and constitute affordables that are just meant for fun.
Price: $120 obo for all.
Vostok - runs great, comes on rubber. Some nice dial decay which is cool. Crystal has some scratching as well.
Elgin - insanely nice power reserve on the wind. Some light dial discoloration in spots and very light crystal scratching. Nice runner. Head only.
Casio marlin - famous w-350. Mod 152. Beaten up good. Its running and has some sticker damage, all part of appeal. Not sure on all functions. Aftermarket cheap rubber.
Caravelle - awesome dial and handset, runs very well. Crystal with large scratch, may want to replace. On old crusty expansion band.
Lenox reflex - awesome 80s vibe on this reflex. Fresh batt, runs awesome, condition excellent. Head only.
Take these for a nice price.