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U-Boat 1001 Limited Edition - Extremely Rare This is not the current version with the low crystal, and cheaper movement. This is the original LE which was quickly sold out and almost impossible to find. Ive owned two and this is by far the best one Ive ever seen. Amazing condition. Extended sapphire crystal has a crystal protector on which...
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Kobold SMG 1 // Rare Heres my Kobold SMG-1 Military. This watch was my daily wear watch through many job related activities and has been everywhere. I was given this watch by the man himself (this brag has probably lost its luster with recent events) and has been serviced a few times over the years. It was stuck in ...
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Panerai PAM 176 Selling my Panerai Titanium 176. Crystal protector kept on at all times, so no scratches. Comes with Panerai service box and Panerai service letter verifying authenticity. Only worn a handful of times since being fully serviced. Small nick on case above the lug bar at 7, otherwise in outstandi...
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Kaventsmann Triggerfish (newest bronze Tri... This is the latest bronze Trigger from Kaventsmann. This one is #1 of the sold out series and is amazingly built. I took it through SERE C training and it performed flawlessly. Has a crystal protector on it, which I put on immediately after it came from Michael, so plexi is still in new condition...
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Kaventsmann Balistidae Bronze Diver Dont even want to talk about it... lets just do it. Bronze Balistidae on a Dobra two-tone with a quickly sold out Damascus/Bronze Kaventsmann buckle. Crystal protector; crystal is flawless. Unbeatable package, so I dont have the heart to split them up. This is the watch I get the most complimen...
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Carlson 12000m Aluminum Hadal II by Kavent... Selling my aluminum Carlson 12000m Hadal II. Amazing watch in excellent condition. Crystal protector on the extended plexi, no nicks or scratches. It sits on an ISOfrane winch is also in new condition. Comes with the original leather roll, blue shark and rubber straps with tool. Ive owned a few...
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Kaventsmann Irukandji 904L Rolex Steel Selling my blasted Rolex steel Irukhandji, the only one made by Kaventsmann. Bought this one from a great forum member for $3300 and have since changed the seals, put a crystal protector on it and just bought it a new distressed Dr. Phil Strap. People mistakingly believe the Irukandjis are lar...
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Vintage VDB FATBOY Prototype Selling off the Fatboy... sure sign Im out of the sport. Highly talked about, documented and sought after. It originally sold for $11,780, and it sold quickly. One of two VDBs made of Tantalum, an absolutely incredible alloy. Also constructed of Bakelite and finished off with a vintage Rolex 153...
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Ennebi Seimila 49mm 6000M Diver Waited a few years for this to come out and paid a hefty premium to be one of the first to get it. This one has minute markers, whereas most dont. Excellent condition; looks new, but I have been diving with it and all other things my job requires. No scratches, scuffs, dings or any other signs o...
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U-Boat 45mm Tungsteno / Tungsten on Dobra New condition 45mm Tungsteno on a custom Dobra strap and matching chrome roller buckle. Truly the only one in the world on a Dobra. Indestructible Tungsten and my favorite U-boat since it was made with spring bars... dont have to deal with U-boats notoriously difficult screw-in lugs. Hardened gl...
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Vintage VDB T1 Timer BRONZE Diver Bronze T1 Timer in excellent condition. Crystal protector, Dr. Phil Strap (pictured) and box/equipment it originally came with. Perfect Bronze patina, or you reset it. Ive owned quite a few of these T1s... this ones the best. $2550 PayPald and shipped CONUS
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Vintage VDB T1 Timer Distressed Steel Selling my T1 Timer. Comes with original box and straps, as well as the custom strap its on in the pics. Beast of a workhorse watch. Distressed Military coating on the steel, in great shape. Runs great, no issues. $2350 shipped Conus and paypal fees covered.
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Nethuns Bronze Skull Bronze Skull, 45mm hand winder. Practically new... worn a couple times. Hardened Glass Crystal protector over the sapphire... installed minutes after I got it from the factory. Forget all that... has a very early model Dobra Strap on it. The best strap made... ever. Everything it came with new ...
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Kaventsmann Bathyal II Bronze Selling my favorite bronze Kaventsmann. Watch is in outstanding condition and has the best patina on the forum. Crystal protector has kept the plexi in new condition and the watch has no damages. I just replaced the seals since I have worn the watch diving, both sky and sea. Like all my Kavs, ...
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Kaventsmann Triggerfish 904L Rolex steel ... Never sold one of my Kaventsmanns before, but its time to clear out the collection and start over. This was my first Kaventsmann of dozens and will be the first to go. Very rare, number 4 of the series. These are truly amazing watches: perfect size (46) and crazy tough with a lifetime guarantee...
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Maranez BWB Bronze Watch Brothers, VERY RA... This is #2 of 50, so a bit of a collectors piece. Comes with original straps/buckles/tube. Has a sapphire crystal protector on it, as it has since the day I bought it. It has a brand new custom made indigo Dobra strap on it, made specifically for this watch, with a Helson bronze buckle to match...
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Ball Hydrocarbon Deepquest 3000M Truly amazing watch... Full Ti with tritium. A little smaller than I am used to and Im clearing out the collection and starting over. Ive worn the watch three times; excellent condition. Small scuff on the buckle which is easily removed. It has a zag style cover on the crystal, as it has since...
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Helberg CH1 Domed, Bronze A well-loved favorite, but went overboard this month and am clearing out the collection. Box/papers and extra unworn helberg straps. Its on a Maratac rubber strap with deployment in the pics, which I boxed it up with. This watch was good juju for me in all sorts of situations, so I laid it to re...
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Ennebi Fondale 9680 Bronzo, 47mm 1000M RARE Selling my well kept dark green Bronze Fondale. This is waaay better quality and craftsmanship than a Bronze Panerai (yes, I own both) and is truly priced far below their value. Tough as nails and matches any occasion. Just changed all seals. Comes with ALL original accessories, including the gr...
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Subject Price Brand Price Found
Croton CN307155BSBK Men LE Carbon Fiber Swiss Movt Gunmet... $289.99 - 2 hours ago
U-Boat 1001 Limited Edition - Extremely Rare $2,950.00 U-boat 5 months ago
Kobold SMG 1 // Rare $2,100.00 Kobold 6 months ago
Panerai PAM 176 $3,975.00 Panerai 6 months ago
Kaventsmann Triggerfish (newest bronze Trigger) $3,475.00 Ennebi 6 months ago
Kaventsmann Balistidae Bronze Diver $3,950.00 Other 7 months ago
Carlson 12000m Aluminum Hadal II by Kaventsmann $3,250.00 MK II 7 months ago
Kaventsmann Irukandji 904L Rolex Steel $3,150.00 Rolex 7 months ago
Vintage VDB FATBOY Prototype $4,550.00 Rolex 8 months ago
Ennebi Seimila 49mm 6000M Diver $5,450.00 Ennebi 8 months ago
U-Boat 45mm Tungsteno / Tungsten on Dobra $2,450.00 U-boat 8 months ago
Vintage VDB T1 Timer BRONZE Diver $2,550.00 Other 8 months ago
Vintage VDB T1 Timer Distressed Steel $2,350.00 Other 8 months ago
Nethuns Bronze Skull $850.00 Other 8 months ago
Kaventsmann Bathyal II Bronze $4,050.00 MK II 8 months ago
Kaventsmann Triggerfish 904L Rolex steel 3000m $3,000.00 Rolex 11 months ago
Maranez BWB Bronze Watch Brothers, VERY RARE, New Dobra S... $1,000.00 Helson 12 months ago
Ball Hydrocarbon Deepquest 3000M $1,675.00 Ball about 1 year ago
Helberg CH1 Domed, Bronze $1,025.00 Other about 1 year ago
Ennebi Fondale 9680 Bronzo, 47mm 1000M RARE $3,750.00 Panerai about 1 year ago